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KOBA Vision - Produced and developed in Belgium!


Logo KOBA VisionKOBA Vision was founded in 1988 by the visually impaired electronics engineer Johan Haagdorens. His search for a reading device with a large screen was the motive for him developing video magnifiers himself.

The result was a high quality video magnifier that specifically met the requirements of visually impaired people.

Today KOBA Vision is known as the world’s most innovative producer. The patented Vocatex readout magnifier, high definition cameras, large displays and the simplest EasyReader readout system for blind people are only a few examples where KOBA Vision is a pioneer in the sector.

A team of 11 people takes care of sales, development and production. Together with our global sales network we guarantee the best quality and a tailor-made solution for every visually impaired or blind user.Johan Haagdorens

Macular Degeneration

In 1978 Johan Haagdorens was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. His central field of vision was so limited that reading became impossible.


“Suddenly my world caved in. The awareness of having to go through life as a visually impaired person is a really difficult process. Fortunately I quickly realised that sitting still was not an option and I set myself two objectives. My first objective was to mean something in the world of the blind and visually impaired, and my second objective was a journey to Africa.”

“Since then I have been to Namibia with my tent and we have developed the fantastic Vocatex readout magnifier. I am really proud that KOBA Vision has changed the lives of many visually impaired people.”

Today KOBA Vision is more dedicated than ever to offer visually impaired and blind users unique user-friendly but well thought out products, matched by an outstanding service.

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