KOBA Vision EasyViewer Video Magnifier

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The KOBA Vision EasyViewer is an easy to use Full HD video magnifier available in 4 different screen sizes (22”, 27”, 32”, 43”). The Full HD camera projects pinpoint-sharp and clear images, vivid colours and a high level of contrast. With its large viewing angle of over 21 cm and its excellent lighting you can read, watch pictures, write and do handicrafts.

  • Razor-sharp images (Full HD)
  • Easy-to-use
  • Only 4 button
  • Brightness and background control

User Manual Vocatex EasyViewer Quartz – Vocatex 4 EN-FR-NL-DE 20230227

3.095,00 3.495,00



Click on the arrow to start the video.

The KOBA Vision EasyViewer is equipped with a Full HD camera and LED lighting.  You can read, watch pictures, write and do handcrafts with more detail and a better overview on a wide screen.

Chosing the right screen is an important factor. A wide or narrow field of view needs to be fully used. With a choice of screen from 22” to 32” and even 43” we are trying to fully utilize the remaining eyesight. The right screen can really make the difference!

NEW: Brightness and backgroundfiltering control


The video magnifier is very easy to operate. You can easily magnify by using the large central track wheel, while you can adapt the image by using the other tangible, illuminated buttons. The video magnifiers offer a whole range of possibilities. You can easily adjust the magnification, the level of contrast and brightness, the colours, the auto focus, the negative, positive and colour reading mode.

Large led screens

With KOBA Vision, you can always choose between different screen sizes ranging from 22” to 32” and even 43”. Chosing the screen is an important factor in selecting the appropriate magnifier. A 32” screen is interesting for people with a wide field of view (Macula Degeneration). People with a narrow field of view (Retinitis Pigmentosa) can choose between a small or a large screen. A small screen covers the field of view, a large screen offers more overview. Moreover, there is a reading line, and blinds available, in order to read broadly with limited height.

The viewing possibilities are fully used in order to read comfortably. Because the more overview you have, the more pleasant you will experience the reading!


  • Magnification: 2x (22″ screen) – 100x (43″ screen)
  • Image quality: Full HD (1920 x 1080, 60 fps)
  • Max. viewing angle (width): 230 mm
  • Min. viewing angle(width): 10 mm
  • Reading modes: Photomode + 28 colourcombinations
  • Autofocus
  • Backgroundfiltering
  • Brightness control
  • Multimedia centre (video magnifier, television)
  • Large central track wheel to magnify/reduce
  • Large-range sliding table with a horizontal and vertical brake
  • Warranty: 2 year
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