KOBA Vision Vocatex Plus Read Aloud Video Magnifier

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New Vocatex 4

The Intelligent Full HD magnifier with speech

Magnify and read your books, magazines and newspapers or have them read out to you. The Vocatex is a Full HD video magnifier that magnifies texts and photographs with razor-sharp clarity and vivid colours. Combined with the built-in readout function Vocatex also reads out all printed texts. Equipped with big screens, the Vocatex is ideal for reading, solving crossword puzzles or having texts read out to you if you’re tired.

  • Magnifier with readout function.
  • Razor-shape Full HD magnification.
  • Big screens adapted to your visual field. Unique choice of 22”, 27”, 32” and 43” screens.
  • Very quick and accurate readout function.
  • Reads whole A4 pages and larger page formats.
  • Simple to operate. Big, easy-feel and talking buttons.
  • Extensive functions for professional use.

User Manual Vocatex Standard Vocatex Plus – Vocatex 4 EN-FR-NL-DE 202302277

4.795,00 5.195,00



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The Vocatex is a user-friendly readout magnifier. Read yourself or let Vocatex read for you. The systems starts reading immediately after you press the button. The screen clearly shows what is being read. A pleasant voice reads out and your eyes are given a rest.

The intelligent readout function now not only reads selected blocks of text but also entire A4 pages. Reading a whole page is even easier now. The Vocatex will read letters, magazines, big newspaper pages or books.

Every device is personal and customised. Based on your visual field we advise a 22”, 27”, 32” or even a 43” screen. KOBA Vision is the only manufacturer with this unique offer of screens. Specific settings exist for, among others, macula degeneration, tunnel vision and photophobia to increase the comfort.

The Vocatex is a multimedia centre. The high contrast screen can show the magnified text of your computer, television or tablet. With the computer connection and a magnifying program you can even work in split screen whereby the image of the magnifier and your computer can be seen on 1 screen simultaneously.

Magnification to read yourself

The Vocatex has a Full HD camera which results in a high contrast and razor-sharp images. The picture is extremely stable and steady. The magnifier has an extra wide viewing angle of 23 cm to read page-wide The Vocatex allows you to look at photographs of your children and grandchildren, read newspapers and magazines, write letters, do crossword puzzles and solve sudokus again.

The Vocatex has various high contrast reading settings that make the text extra large and readable. Poorly printed texts present no problem with the background suppressor.

Big or small screen – size matters!

Your visual field determines the size of the screen. Visually impaired people with macular degeneration predominantly have a wide visual field and should choose a large 32” or 43” screen. People with a narrow visual field choose a smaller screen. Reading with the right screen is more comfortable and faster because you don’t have to move the reading table much. You have more of an overview and are less tired if you can see a full column width on the screen.

The Vocatex offers screens with a diagonal of 22” (56 cm), 27” (68 cm), 32” (82 cm) and even 43” (109 cm). KOBA Vision is the only manufacturer with this unique range of screens. We aim to utilise all your remaining vision with our choice of screens.

For optimum ergonomics, the screens can be tilted or adjusted in height. A correct seating position is necessary for pleasant reading.

Readout – The Vocatex talks

The Vocatex is a readout magnifier. This combination of screen magnifier and readout device makes reading pleasant and less tiring. With the Vocatex you select the text on the screen. Reading out starts immediately. A red rectangle around the word follows the text. In this way you know where you are and you maintain the overview on the page. While the Vocatex reads out you see the words enlarged on the screen.

Intelligent readout function

Thanks to the intelligent readout function, Vocatex reads entire pages without irritating pauses and this simply by moving the reading table and the text. When moving the reading table the new text is incorporated and the Vocatex just continues reading.

Full pages

The Vocatex also reads whole A4 pages. By setting the magnification to extra small, the whole page is read. You no longer need to move the reading table. Ideal to read simple pages.


The Vocatex is unique by preserving an overview. You no longer have to switch between magnification and readout mode. The unit always shows the real-time video picture. This means the device is very quick and the layout of titles, columns and photographs is always preserved

Languages and voices

The Vocatex has a wide range of high-quality voices.  32 languages and a choice of male or female voices make listening really pleasant. You will certainly find the right voice.

Invoices and tables

The Vocatex also reads complex documents. The reading bar allows you to select how the Vocatex reads invoices and tables.

Simple operation

The Vocatex is extremely easy to use. The control panel uses several senses. This means the learning curve is very short.

  • Feel: The buttons are big, differ from each other and are easy to feel.
  • View: The buttons have different colours. The integrated lights allow you to quickly find the button panel.
  • Hearing: Every button says what it does. You know immediately how the device works without consulting the manual.
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