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Producten voor blinden en slechtzienden
Produits pour les aveugles et les malvoyants
Products for the blind and visually impaired

The computer connection of the Vocatex has 2 functions. The first possibility is full screen. With full screen, the screen of the Vocatex can be used as computer screen when you connect your computer. The second possibility is split screen. With split screen you can display the image from the Vocatex and the image of your computer on the same screen.

Full screen

By pressing the PC button on the Vocatex, the screen switches to your computer. The full computer image is displayed on your screen. In combination with an optional magnification software like ZoomText, the image of your computer will be magnified. Besides have the possibility to magnify your computer, you even have the possibility to integrate speech. This combination will magnify your computer while the on screen texts will be read aloud.

Split Screen

(in combination with ZoomText 10 or higher, SuperNova 15.03 or higher)

With the split screen possibility you can use a part of the screen to display the Vocatex image and another part to display your computer. The video image can simply be put on top, bottom, left or right while having you computer image on the same screen. When working in split screen mode you will have full access to your computer.

The USB 3.0 port displays the Full HD image at 60 frames per second!