KOBA Vision EasyReader – Reading Machine Blind-proof scanner system

  • Scanner system. Most suitable solution for the blind.
  • Fast and accurate read-out system.
  • Very easy to operate. Navigates as a daisyplayer. Simple operation with easy-feel illuminated and talking buttons!
  • Nuance and Acapela voices. 34 languages including Arabic and Hebrew.
  • Portable system with battery.
  • Export scans to USB.
  • Reads PDF files from USB.
  • Braille output by connecting a braille display. Complete solution for the deaf-blind!
  • Optional keyboard to save texts on the internal hard drive, USB or MP3 player.



Simple, easy to use, portable, faster, that much better!

The EasyReader is a device which reads texts quickly and accurately. Your mail, magazines, papers or books, within a few seconds you can listen to all your printed texts, read by a natural voice. The device is simple and very easy to use, without any problems with incidence of light, page positioning or quality of paper. The portable EasyReader with its slim aluminum casing and the built-in battery is your ideal personal assistent throughout the day.

The scanner, very easy to use

The EasyReader uses the built-in scanner to read out the texts. The scanner is most suited to read pages, and it remains without doubt the most accurate solution for reading your texts.

The EasyReaeder can really be used blindfoldedly. Light and shade have no impact, hefty books can easily be pressed down and the page is always ideally positioned because the scanner edges are perfectly perceptible. Moreover the scanner offers the highest possible resolution, allowing perfect reading of medicine information leaflets.

Simple, yet complete

Just like its predecessor, the EasyReader is the simplest device in the world. The limited number of buttons with spoken help messages allows a very simple use. The volume, reading speed, battery status and the Daisy based navigation are easy to operate.

Nonetheless, the EasyReader offers a complete navigation, on letter, word, sentence, line, text block and page level. The device was conceived so that you can operate it like a Daisy player. The EasyReader allows you to simply scan the entire page without missing even the smallest of details.

The camera, quickly determining the starting position yourself

The EasyReader can do it! The camera does a quick scan, and you decide yourself which part of the text must be read. In that way, you can quickly decide yourself what you want to read and you do not have to wait for the device. Furthermore, you can even scan the page for text, white spaces and pictures. Owing to the unique positioning technique texts become even more accessible. Reading like this makes every page interesting.

Really portable, lightweight aluminium design

The built-in battery allows 7 hours of reading pleasure without any need to connect it to power. The lightweight aluminium casing makes the device very solid and makes it perfectly possible to use it away from your home or office. You can easily scan texts on the road or away from home, without taking up any additional space.

With the EasyReader backpack, you can take the device with you wherever you go. You can even scan and listen to texts with the device inside the backpack. The headset jack allows you to read on the train without being disturbed. The backpack doesn’t only hold the device, but also offers room for documents, magazines and books, …

Quick and accurate

With one push on the scan button, the EasyReader will read the text to you in seconds. The device is very accurate and transfers all text into a natural voice. The OCR software makes voice recognition even quicker. Now you can even chose to switch off column recognition and to really read the text from left to right.
Digital sound

Texts are read with a crystal clear digital sound quality. The voices sound naturally and are pleasant to listen to. The EasyReader offers an even broader range of voices. You can chose between the high quality voices in Nuance Vocalizer or the crystal clear voices in Acapala. The device has a headset jack allowing you to listen undisturbedly and attentively.

Saving your favourite texts

The EasyReader can export the current text to an MP3 player or USB memory stick. Just connect and the EasyReader will automatically save the text as a text, picture or MP3 file.

Should you still want more options, you can use the optional keyboard to save onto the hard disk, MP3 player or USB memory stick. You can then simply listen to the texts at a later time.

Languages & Voices – EasyReader

The voices sound naturally and are pleasant to listen to. The EasyReader now offers an even broader range of voices. You can chose between the high quality voices in Nuance Vocalizer or the crystal clear voices in Acapela.

Arabic and Hebrew Language Pack

The EasyReader is the first OCR reading machine with Arabic and Hebrew speech output. At last a real readout solution for the Arabic and Hebrew world!

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