KOBA Vision ZoomCam Portable Camera Solution

Professional portable and discrete camera solution for use at work, school or home

  • Compact and portable
  • Sets up quickly
  • Sharp and vivid Full HD image
  • Reading and distance camera
  • Plug and Play via computer, screen and tablet

ZoomCam is a professional transportable video magnifier which can be used anywhere in combination with a computer, screen or tablet. Ideal for magnifing text in newspapers, books and invoices or for looking at pictures and objects. A discrete solution which looks like a desk lamp. ZoomCam sets up quickly, is compact and easy to use. The sharp and stable Full HD image provides an optimal reading experience. In addition to its high display quality, Zoomcam has a 23 cm extra wide viewing angle allowing one to read across a full page.


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Immediately ready for use

The camera folds out in 2 easy clicks. Simply connect the cable and push a button for the image to appear. The 2-dimensional camera head and fixed conversion lens allow you to start reading immediately. ZoomCam is designed for you to adapt to each new working environment quickly and effortlessly.

Full HD

The Full HD camera produces a high contrast and an incredibly sharp image. The extremely stable and calm images make for an optimal viewing and reading experience even in dark settings where the built-in LEDs provide extra light. ZoomCam’s 23 cm extra wide angle covers the full width of a page.

Reading and distance camera

ZoomCam is equipped with a reading and distance camera. Switching between reading and distance viewing is straightforward as the camera moves in 2 dimensions. The movement sensor memorises specific setting preferences for reading and distance viewing.

The reading position is used to magnify books and documents, whereas ZoomCam’s distance mode is used to look at a blackboard, a presentation or mirror.

Compact, portable and discrete

ZoomCam looks like a desk lamp and blends well into an office setting. Its compact design makes it easy to fold away and set up again. One can choose between a left or right sided compact set up or a set up with the camera at the front to cover a full A3 page. It is compact and lightweight, and easily fits in a backpack together with a computer or tablet.


ZoomCam has a user-friendly wireless remote control and, in addition to magnification, offers a range of other possibilities. Positive or negative high contrast colours, brightness, extensive background filtering, dimmable lighting and even a line reader are all easy to configure. ZoomCam always memorises the last settings, which allows for a quick start up.

Plug and Play

ZoomCam can be used immediately as it is easy to set up and has no software. Simply connect and view. Use magnification software SuperNova or ZoomText on your computer or tablet and select full screen or split screen. In the absence of any magnification software, standard camera programmes such as Windows Camera or Quick Camera on a Mac can be used. Simply connect the supplied HDMI cable to a television screen or monitor and you are up and running.

Additional information


2x – 100x


2x USB-C 3.0, HDMI

Image Quality

Full HD (1920 x 1080, 60 fps)

Max. Viewing Angle (width)

230 mm

Min. Viewnig Angle (width)

10 mm

Reading Modes

28 Coulour Combinations, Photo Mode




LED, dimmable

Background filtering


Adapt Brightness


Reading Line


Computer Mode

Full Screen, Split screen USB 3.0 – SuperNova 15.03 or higher, Split screen USB 3.0 – ZoomText 10 or higher


Android, Chrome OS, Mac OS, Windows


160 mm (closed), 270 mm (open)


250 mm (open), 280 mm (closed)


90 mm


1120 grams


2 year

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